Energy risk management is our core competency.  It is what we do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


Our team of highly experienced energy risk management professionals brings a depth of knowledge that goes into the strategic planning and management of our members' electric needs. 


From developing energy risk management solutions for utilities to customizing hedging strategies for Fortune 50 companies, we employ a deep skillset from which to draw upon to deliver bottom-line results for our members.




Utilizing a proprietary energy desk, our professionals blend market analytics and qualitative market factors to build a strategy to control members' energy costs over time.  We ensure our energy management strategy remains current as market conditions change over time.


NMEC is 100% independent, not affiliated with any energy supply company, and works solely on the behalf of its members.




Historically, energy users would go from contract-to-contract without any regard for changing market conditions.  When their contracts ended, they were surprised to learn that energy prices had increased substantially.  Furthermore, over the course of the previous several years, they missed a number of market opportunities to cost-effectively manage their energy costs.  What they lacked was an energy risk management plan.


Now, there is an optimal solution to manage your energy needs.  By joining NMEC, your electric needs are professionally managed over time.  You no longer have to deal with brokers or retail suppliers, an immediate value add in itself.


We develop a long-term strategic plan whereby decisions are analytically- and quantitatively-based with the mission to maximize savings opportunities and minimize market risk over time.




NMEC becomes your in-house, outsourced energy department, allowing your company to remain focused on its core business, building value.  Let our core competency - energy risk management - become your competitive advantage.


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