After your supply side (electric and natural gas) energy plan is put into place, the next opportunity to reduce your utility spend over time is through demand side, or energy efficiency, opportunities.


Energy efficiency solutions provide the opportunity to replace old inefficient technology with new, more efficient technology that uses less energy and provides superior results.


Incorporating utility rebates and incentives, the costs of energy efficiency projects are minimized, producing working capital projects with low payback periods and high returns on investments (ROI).


Energy Efficiency Opportunities


- Lighting

- Controls

- OCC sensors



Our teams provide the experience and skills necessary to develop a comprehensive energy efficiency plan for your facilities.  Our integrated, economic solutions ensure that the right projects are executed in a timely manner for maximum efficiency and return on your investment.


Lighting Solutions


From Smart LED Solutions to customized projects, the NMEC Lighting Program provides the most optimal lighting solutions that meet your need.


Please contact us to learn more about the NMEC Lighting Program:


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