Since its founding, the National Manufacturing Energy Cooperative (NMEC) has grown to include several manufacturing and industrial associations and hundreds of members located across the U.S.


“NMEC developed a comprehensive energy risk management plan for Wahl that helped us save substantial money.  Whereas Wahl historically used a broker that went from contract-to-contract and just presented a price before a renewal date without any regards to market analytics, NMEC walked us through historical, current, and forecasted energy fundamentals to develop an energy risk management plan that maximizes our savings opportunities and minimizes our market risk over time.  NMEC is our trusted energy partner.”

-         Marc Johnson, Facility & Environmental Manager, WAHL CLIPPER CORP.


“NMEC provided immediate value by developing an energy risk management plan to manage our electric and natural gas that ensures we are taking advantage of all available market opportunities and minimizing market risk over time.  Their customer service and dedicated account team made the transition into NMEC very easy.  Unlike our previous experience, they have been extremely accessible after we enrolled in the program.  I highly recommend large manufacturing energy users learn about the significant benefits of NMEC not attainable elsewhere in the marketplace”



“NMEC recently provided our company with a custom-designed energy management program that not only afforded us consistent budget certainty, but also cost savings of 10%-15% on the natural gas supply side and roughly double those savings on the electric side.  They leverage their extensive experience in this area to provide timely and accurate responses to all inquiries, and the transition process did not require a significant time investment on our part to facilitate the change.”

-         Dave Bertram, CFO, JET LITHOCOLOR


“The customer service provided by NMEC was outstanding. They are truly energy professionals who care deeply about their members. They were able to restructure an existing natural gas agreement and reduce our natural gas rate by almost 50%, on top of saving us 29% on our electric costs. I am proud to be a member of NMEC and highly recommend them to others.”.



“Joining up with NMEC was a seamless transition to help us manage our energy needs. Their customer service is excellent, and when combined with their knowledge and experience of the energy markets has translated into an electric supply rate reduction of 36%.”

-         Jeffrey Speizman, GM, EX-CELL KAISER, LLC


“Through NMEC, Chicago Booth Manufacturing increased its electric savings by 60% over the savings major energy suppliers were offering. NMEC has the same tools and market information that retail suppliers use for pricing, which ensures that our energy costs are the lowest possible. We take great comfort in having our energy needs in the hands of experienced energy market professionals, which allows us to focus on our core business needs.”

-         Dave Bochniak, President, CHICAGO BOOTH MANUFACTURING


“Energy usage has always been a concern for Permatron. Prior to joining NMEC, we were working with a major energy supplier that was able to save us 8%. After meeting and investigating what they could do we joined NMEC.  Not only are they professional and efficient, but also wonderful people to work with who made our transition quick, easy, and painless. Best of all they saved us an additional 22% off our electric service and saved us 13% off our natural gas service. I recommend them highly; they truly live up to their commitment to be “Your Trusted Energy Partner."

-         Frank J. Di Stefano, Operations Manager, PERMATRON CORPORATION

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