NMEC Private Client Program


Let our core competency become your competitive advantage.


Please call (312) 257-3334 to learn more about the NMEC Private Client Program.


For the Members, by the Members


NMEC is managed by a highly experienced energy portfolio management team with prior experience at the top investment bank energy teams and the #1 ranked wholesale energy origination team, a former partnership between Goldman Sachs and the largest wholesale energy supplier in the US.


The principles underlying NMEC, its member associations and individual members, are as follows:


  • Fiduciary duty to members
  • 100% independent, not affiliated with any energy supplier
  • Opt-in energy aggregation program
  • Leveraged buying power
  • Professionally managed

2018 NMEC Brochure


Association Membership


Membership is by invitation only.  Once an association becomes a member, NMEC works with your your association to integrate the association and its member base seamlessly into the energy cooperative program.  Furthermore, NMEC provides member associations the resources to help educate and promote the benefits of becoming a member.


Please call (312) 257-3334 to learn more about how your association may qualify for NMEC membership.


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